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What to Expect

My name is Brian Heep. I combine the power of personalized nutrition and cutting-edge exercise testing to help you achieve your optimal performance and wellness goals. As a registered dietitian, I am excited to offer expert guidance in nutrition alongside metabolic testing devices you will not find in any other exercise testing setting.

Nutrition Consulting
& Medical Nutrition Therapy

Unlock Your Full Potential with Personalized Nutrition ConsultationsAs a registered dietitian, I am excited to offer you expert guidance and support in achieving your nutrition and wellness goals. With engaging face-to-face or remote weekly check-ins, we will work together to develop a nutrition plan that is tailored exclusively to YOU.Your Success is my PriorityAt Cardinal Metabolic & Performance, my nutrition consultations are designed with one goal in mind: YOUR success. I understand that each person is unique, with diverse food preferences, individual needs, lifestyle habits, and even chronic conditions that other nutritionists aren't able to monitor correctly.Empowering You for SuccessSay goodbye to confusion and uncertainty about your nutrition choices. Our consultations will empower you with the knowledge and strategies to achieve your desired outcomes. Whether your goals involve improved athletic performance, weight management, or addressing specific conditions, I'll be there every step of the way.A Registered Dietitian Makes All the DifferenceAs a registered dietitian, my training and expertise enable me to provide evidence-based advice and support that will set you up for success. Avoiding generic, one-size-fits-all approaches, and benefit from the personalized care and attention that comes from someone with the proper education and training.Join Cardinal Metabolic & Performance today and take charge of your new journey. Let's leave behind the uncertainties of the past and embrace a future of healthy, sustainable, and successful eating habits.

Metabolic Exercise Testing

I struggle to find a population who CAN'T benefit from metabolic exercise testing.Are you an endurance athlete, a sprinter, participant in team sports, or even CrossFit?I measure the air you breathThe volume of air coming in and outYour HRThe amount of oxygen in your individual muscles, the volume and speed your muscle are utilizing and replenishing that oxygenIncluding the amount of nitric oxide your body is producing and sending through your bloodstream to the working musclesAnd the 1 thing that you won't get answered elsewhere...What's holding you back from optimal performance.

Brian Heep
Owner & Operator